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Updates: Added 'Online tools' section

Things you can to do with GlowGENE

Make useful organisms
Extract DNA
WIth our DNA extractor, you can add DNA from OTHER organisms such as plants and animals into your own organisms. Extract DNA from roses, jellyfish, coral, fungi etc.
You can easily add DNA to the organisms supplied to you in 3 simple steps.
This special kind of E.coli is designed so that you can easily modify it to make it flouresce, grow red, smell nice, digest oil or create useful by-products.
GlowGENE contains everything you need to start a microbiology laboratory and molecular biology. With such tools, you can make hundreds of different GMOs that could potentiall help society or become commercialized.
1 x Instruction book (To teach you how to do everything)
1 x Variable Micropipette (To pipette the cells around)
100 x Pipette tips
1 x Portable bunsen burner (Makes a protective sterile umbrella)
1 x Autoclavable flask (To make the cells food)
1 x Inoculation loop (For spreading cells)
1 x Spatula (For transfering powder reagents)
50 x Micro tubes

1 x LB broth powder (Makes the cells more happy and eager to take up DNA)
1 x DNA extractor (To extract DNA from other organisms to put in your cells)
1 x Endonuclease (Used to “cut” DNA)
1 x Ligase (Used to “glue” DNA together)
1 x Transformative agar (Makes the cells take your DNA)
1 x Nutrient agar (For growing cells)

1x Green, blue and red fluorescent protein
1x Ethanol producing genes
1x Glow -in-the-dark genes